Evolve is compiled of four separate divisions which allow our experienced team to provide our clients with a specific set of skills that are custom-tailored for each project’s needs and requirements.


Restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, fitness centers, entertainment and gaming, arcades, salons, spas, and distillery and brewing centers - small scale

Commercial Office/ Workplace

Offices, custom workplace environments, building lobbies, executive office suites, and conference and media centers

White box divisions, malls, kiosks, flagship custom locations, and rollout


Commissary storage facilities, light hazard manufacturing, distillery and brewing centers - large scale

Warehouse Conversation
& Development

We build our client’s future. Trust the vision and trust the process.


A client’s dream is what drives them to their own success. Let us help drive you there.
Our services serve you and your accomplishments.



Elizabeth Torres  Founder

Elizabeth Torres


Adrianne Deschler  Senior Project Manager

Adrianne Deschler

Senior Project Manager

Cory Attardo  Senior Project Manager

Cory Attardo

Senior Project Manager

Anthony Bueno  Registered Architect

Anthony Bueno

Registered Architect