One Lexington

Picture this, it’s 5 pm on a Sunday; you have on your favorite jammies and your watching your go-to romantic comedy. A hot cup of tea weighs down your hand as you snuggle further under your unnecessarily large blanket.  The day begins to fade as you absorb in the last couple of hours of sunlight before yet, another bustling week of work commences. As you raise the mug, the steam warms your cheeks and you take a long inhale of the aromas of the sweltering tea leaves. The hot liquid glides over your tongue towards your sore throat. Just for a moment, the liquid relieves any ailments. The movie plays on and a familiar, comforting sense courses through your body as your favorite scene appears on the screen. A smile forms across your face as your happiness for the character’s success mirrors into your own. You glance out the window at the office buildings in the distance to think how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful city. The aesthetic of your apartment has been carefully crafted to match your personality in the most comforting sense. It is quite the space to entertain family and friends while being able to unwind after a long day in the office. As the credits begin to roll across the screen, the sun begins to set on another relaxing weekend.


Deity Events

Today, I get to marry my best friend. Sitting in the chair looking at this new woman and I see one I don’t quite recognize. With a delicate touch, my mother begins to braid my hair like she’s done my whole life. As I stare back at the reflection in the mirror, I think of how I’ve dreamt of this day since I was a child. The whole room filled with close loved ones, rise upon my arrival. The venue itself is breathtaking, just like I had envisioned. The rustic charm of the space heightens the romantic feel of the ceremony. I, a vision in white, in a beautifully decorated space. Twinkly lights line the exposed brick walls where my beloved family and friends are seated in wooden chairs. Mason jars filled with tea light candles line the aisle which illuminate the room. At the end, you see my future partner in life, with a beaming smile on their face. The ceremony commences and ends with a single kiss of promise to love one another forever.


Nobletree Coffee @ World Trade Center

Your brisk, chilly walk to your 9-5 job on yet another Monday morning comes to a halt with the familiar aroma of coffee. You picked up the scent like a police dog and your body levitates toward the origin.  Your eyes close as a deep breath fills your lungs, trying to prepare your cold soul. Lingering inside, a smiling cashier greets you and asks what it will be. Tapping your freshly painted fingernails on the wooden counter to choose what precious liquid will grace your presence. With the swipe of your card, the barista powers up the machine. You see the beans quickly fall into place as they heat up. As the machine begins to roast, the barista explains the journey of how each bean is harvested from Brazilian soil and carefully prepped for transport. Drip, drip, the hot liquid fills the cup and the steam warms the barista’s cheeks. He turns around with a smile and coffee in hand. Your body begins to tingle with anticipation. Running your hand along the organic, burlap wallpaper as you take a seat; the cool, metal chairs balance out your warm hands. You glance around as you blow on your coffee. The large windows welcome in light that absorb into your face. Memories of your cold walk here fade away as you take your first sip of the hot brew. Lips begin to tingle as your taste buds fill with satisfaction. The slight warmth lingers as you do not want this moment to end. You take notice of the plants around the shop which the barista told you pays tribute to the Brazilian soil. You graze your hand along the wood, and it prickles your fingers. You are puzzled by the natural shine of the wood being in the concrete jungle of New York City. The barista chimes in and says the shop was designed with real, natural wood and recycled materials to reflect the company’s values. You begin to think of the woodsmen chopping and sanding the wood to place in this shop while whistling a tune. As the clock ticks on the wall, you realize an hour has gone by. You panic as you realize you will be late to work. Sadly leaving the natural and beautiful shop, you end up being late to work. You are forgiven once you hand over a hot and fresh cup of coffee to your boss. Smart move.

Fine & Rare

This quaint restaurant and bar breaks you away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. The space itself may seem misplaced as if it should have been designed in old times. The sense of old school charm draws you in upon entering and it heightens your sense of curiosity. The initial glimpse of distressed wood detailing with the gleam of patinaed metal décor triggers a warm and cozy sensation that runs through your core. You take a seat in one of the large booths with the soft leather that just feels right upon your touch. As you sink into the comfort, the waiter comes over to offer up a drink. You toss your hat on the table and ask for the signature cocktails menu. The same ones that have been swirling around your head all day will soon touch your lips. The journey of their signature bourbons and whiskeys have a rich, earthy history as the distillery workers have sweated to perfect their concoctions. Starting in the field where the grains blow in the breeze to the distillery where they are slowly matured to be poured into your cold glass. Before you have time to finish your thoughts, the waiter brings you their signature bourbon on the rocks. As the bourbon just reaches the back of your throat, the jazz band appears on their stage to begin. You can hear the soulful saxophone warming up with the light jingle of a tambourine. The sexy, raspy vocalist begins with the strum of a guitar and the sound fills the space. Your mind empties to absorb the whole experience with the cool bourbon starting to warm your body. Faint clapping to signal the song has finished, the room is quiet when foot steps are getting louder. The waiter asks if you would like another, you simply nod. Tipping your head back to swallow the last drop, you glance at the antique paneling along the walls with its worn-out look. As the bourbon is settling, you notice you and the space are alike; a little worn out with a unique charm but still loved by many.