Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Bringing a unique feeling to the melting pot of New York is the unmatched Potbelly Sandwich Shop. What started as a local neighborhood antique shop that evolved into a beloved sandwich shop chain. It’s distinctive “Potbelly Stove” in every store sparks the creativity behind each stores’ unique design. A smile forms on your face with just a glimpse of the facade. The smorgasbord of smells that captivate your senses draw you in. With a quick scan of the menu, you decide on a classic - signature sandwich with a shake. You notice the patina of the antique decor around the restaurant. The elegant staircase that lines the two-floor establishment, the first of its kind in New York City. A dinner bell rings in your mind that drives your senses into overdrive because you know you are about to delve into deliciousness.