One Lexington

Picture this, it’s 5 pm on a Sunday; you have on your favorite jammies and your watching your go-to romantic comedy. A hot cup of tea weighs down your hand as you snuggle further under your unnecessarily large blanket.  The day begins to fade as you absorb in the last couple of hours of sunlight before yet, another bustling week of work commences. As you raise the mug, the steam warms your cheeks and you take a long inhale of the aromas of the sweltering tea leaves. The hot liquid glides over your tongue towards your sore throat. Just for a moment, the liquid relieves any ailments. The movie plays on and a familiar, comforting sense courses through your body as your favorite scene appears on the screen. A smile forms across your face as your happiness for the character’s success mirrors into your own. You glance out the window at the office buildings in the distance to think how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful city. The aesthetic of your apartment has been carefully crafted to match your personality in the most comforting sense. It is quite the space to entertain family and friends while being able to unwind after a long day in the office. As the credits begin to roll across the screen, the sun begins to set on another relaxing weekend.