Deity Events

Today, I get to marry my best friend. Sitting in the chair looking at this new woman and I see one I don’t quite recognize. With a delicate touch, my mother begins to braid my hair like she’s done my whole life. As I stare back at the reflection in the mirror, I think of how I’ve dreamt of this day since I was a child. The whole room filled with close loved ones, rise upon my arrival. The venue itself is breathtaking, just like I had envisioned. The rustic charm of the space heightens the romantic feel of the ceremony. I, a vision in white, in a beautifully decorated space. Twinkly lights line the exposed brick walls where my beloved family and friends are seated in wooden chairs. Mason jars filled with tea light candles line the aisle which illuminate the room. At the end, you see my future partner in life, with a beaming smile on their face. The ceremony commences and ends with a single kiss of promise to love one another forever.