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Hospitality: Bars & Nightclubs, 2018


A quaint jazz bar with high-end cocktails.


Take a seat on the subtle leather sofas and listen to soulful music that takes you back to the simpler days. Sip a chilled bourbon with your friends after work and forget about your long, hard day at the office.


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Hospitality: Bars & Nightclubs, 2018


Taste the farmers to roasters to baristas difference.


All the natural elements incorporated in the design reflect the soil of Brazil where the coffee beans grow. The natural wood along the counters and burlap wallpaper that lines the walls pay tribute to the beans process from growth to travel to the brew in your cup.



High intensity regime for greater results.


Equipped with cutting-edge machines that get your heart pumping to increase metabolic burn. Laid out a team training space to friendly compete against others. Join a quick class for long lasting results.



Delve into the bold and delicious flavors which pays tribute to Chinese culture.


Fast casual concept to attract those looking for quick service and comfortable seating. ADA compliant ramp entrance to serve all customers.



Have a taste of Philippine’s famous fried chicken and other unique items which customers find nostalgic.


The decorative plants emphasize an earthy and relaxed vibe which keeps in tone with the restaurant’s Filipino roots. Booths are inviting for customers to sit down and enjoy their meal. Fast-casual seating is ideal to entice customers to stay longer and those that do tend to spend more money. Included natural elements, such as the wood, to reflect the natural landscape of the Philippine’s. Jollibee holds the company’s history and background to a high regard and wanted to include that in the space.



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